BLOOM is a vegan shoe brand for women, which means that no animal products have been used in the manufacturing process.

BLOOM puts consciousness and compassion at the heart of its collections.

Conscience because each of our actions can have an impact and lead to major changes.

Compassion by seeking to put an end to the suffering inflicted on all living beings.


The story of the brand begins with its founder, an Parisian lawyer, committed to the animal and environmental cause that was looking for elegant and timeless vegan shoes.

After looking for the perfect pair, she decided to create her own brand in 2021. Her goal: Take up traditional leather goods techniques, in a luxurious and ethical version.

Sublimate your walk while protecting the planet and animals, that's BLOOM's ambition.

We should keep in mind that the leather industry is :

- breeding, meaning animal suffering, deforestation and CO2 emissions

- 70% of the planet's agricultural land is used solely for breeding

- More than 90% of leather is minerally tanned, it is polluting and responsible for many health and environmental problems

- The exploitation of low-cost labor

At BLOOM, we believe that no living being should suffer and be exploited.

It is possible to adopt an ethical fashion lifestyle while remaining elegant.


BLOOM's collections are sleek and chic vegan shoes for women.

The designer has paid particular attention to the look and comfort of her shoes while remaining elegant. The quality of materials and finishes is very important for BLOOM.

BLOOM loves color: the brand has a whole palette of colors that stand out from the classic colors.

BLOOM selects vegan materials from short circuits (Italy and Spain) and the manufacturing is done in Portugal.

BLOOM is committed to carrying out all stages of development of its shoes in Europe: design, sourcing of materials, manufacturing and validation of prototypes, to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible.


The velvet comes from Europe and is distinguished by its elegance and the brightness of its colors.

The eco-responsible dimension is also taken into account with materials composed in part of vegetable fibers and recycled materials. The soles are made from recycled components, the buckle of the sandals is nickel-free and the glue is guaranteed to be animal-free. The shoe boxes are made of recycled paper and the bag of bamboo fiber.

BLOOM is committed to strive to for a virtuous and environmentally friendly cycle. Without compromise.


BLOOM is committed to local and artisanal manufacturing. All our shoes are made by a trusted partner based in Portugal.

The workshop that BLOOM selected is an ethical family business that has been in operation for decades.

More than ever, BLOOM wishes to support and promote the best European know-how. Each pair of shoes is designed by hand following ancestral techniques so that vegan materials equals with quality, social and environmental commitment.